About Us

I began my journey into cross stitch and needlepoint, during the pandemic (as did many others). My first was a book mark sampler which I loved doing, and my Mum loved receiving, but I found I needed stronger glasses and a very bright light! I then moved to a large cushion kit that used a 7ct canvas and Appleton British wools and found it so much easier and the speed with which my image came to life was very satisfying! In the couple of years following I completed many projects but found it difficult to find designs that I felt were more 'funky', 'big' and 'bold'. 

In 2022 I found myself taking a 12 month sabbatical from teaching to travel and expand my horizons a little - and after spending six months travelling to some amazing places, I was spent up and decided that designing some patterns that I would like to make myself would be how I would spend my last months of freedom!

Coming from an arty background, I found I loved the creative element, and loved the fact that my designs could be adapted to the traditional cross stitcher using a 14 ct aida, to crafters like myself who prefer a big chunky and easy to see project. 

The Crafty Hut was born!