London is Calling...

London is Calling...

Wow - a LOT of work has now gone into this design. It made me feel annoyed when I hear how some people on social media share PDF's that they have bought... with a total disregard to how much someone has put into it - and it's not even as if the online patterns are expensive! Anyhow, I will stop moaning and tell you how I'm getting on with my first design. 

I spent a day without using layers, and designing on screen - cutting and pasting when I wanted to move the landmarks. However, this meant I often cut out background and found myself filling in a lot - basically wasting time! I then discovered the lasso and automatic outline features which made a life a little better, but only when I spent an hour watching a youtube video did I discover how to use layers effectively. 

Using layers meant I could draw each building and then move them around easily to create a design I was happy with. Don't get me wrong, I have about 15 versions saved as I kept flattening them and then changing my mind, but I am getting used to it now. The 'Framed View' was great for viewing progress with layers included, and I could choose different backgrounds which gives a clear idea of what the design looks like.

I reckon another few days sat in the sun at my caravan in the peace and quiet, working 12 hour days will get me finished!

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