A Work in Progress!

A Work in Progress!

Where do I start?? Over lockdown, I ordered my first crosstitch kit, a bookmark, and really enjoyed it! However, I found it INCREDIBLY hard to see all the tiny holes and stitches...so armed with a torch thing that went around my neck, and some good reading glasses, I persevered and sent it off to my Mum for Mothers day :-) 

The next week, I decided to go bigger, and bough a cushion kit on a much larger holed canvas (7hpi) using Appleton tapestry wool. Now this I really loved doing! I could see exactly what I was stitching, and it felt great to see the progress much quicker - albeit a much larger piece. 

I looked around for more cross stitch kits using the wool and larger canvas, but couldn't seem to find any I liked - they all seemed very traditional, and the brighter ones were just too bright! So I decided to have a go at creating my own, that I would like to see in my own home. I studied Art a long time ago, and it was lovely to be back doing something creative (my day job is a teacher!) 

The more into it I got, the more I began thinking others may like something a bit more contemporary to get their teeth into, and I began trying to think of ideas for a range of cushions. The Cityscape idea was my first, so my design journey began!

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